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Nick has spent the past decade working in different industries, with most of his experience stemming from the restaurant and bar industry. One of his earliest accomplishments was gaining the title Restaurateur for Chipotle, granted by the then CEO, Monty Moran. This level of accomplishment showed that he demonstrated strict business acumen and helped open five more locations and promote twenty staff members to upper management.


Nick is a graduate of California State University San Marcos with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. His most recent experience comes from working at a local CPA firm and as a General Manager/Accounting Manager for one of the oldest bars in the Gaslamp District in San Diego.


Through this experience, Nick has identified a need for small businesses regarding the day-to-day accounting needs such as bookkeeping, sales tax compliance, and payroll processing. Large CPA firms that possess this experience are economically out of reach for most small business owners. The Balanced Bookkeeper's goal is to solve this problem for small business owners with affordable and approachable expertise.

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